Golf is a simple game with 34 rules, however the aim of the game is to play the ball from the teeing ground into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Remember, before you start playing on any course, check the following:

  • What colour tee markers are being used
  • Is there placing on the fairways
  • Is there any additional Ground Under Repair (GUR)
  • Are the Local Rules for the course on the back of the score card
Most Asked Questions By Beginners
  • Who tees off first?
  • If my ball looks like it may be lost or Out of Bounds from my tee shot, what do I do?
  • If they ball I hit goes into a water hazard, what can I do?
  • If my ball is resting against a tree or against a boundary fence, what do I do?
  • My ball finishes on a path alongside an immovable obstruction within the boundaries of the course such as a small shelter by the tee block. How do I proceed?
  • What is placing?
  • If my ball is behind a tree and I can’t see the hole, can I move it?
  • What if my ball is sitting by a tree under two club lengths in height and the tree interferes with my swing or stance?
  • If my ball lies in a divot mark on the fairway but there is no placing allowed in the Local Rules, do I get relief?
  • My ball is buried in long grass just off the fairway and I can’t hit it properly. What should I do?
  • Who plays first other than on the teeing ground?
  • My ball lies in an abnormal ground condition e.g. Casual water, GUR, a hole made by a borrowing animal. Do I get relief?
  • What do I do if I lose my ball while playing a hole?What do I do if I play a stroke or several strokes with a ball that is not mine?
  • My ball is at rest on the green and is moved by another ball, which lands on the green and collides with mine. What do I do?
  • In a stroke-play round my ball is at rest on the putting green and is hit by my fellow competitor’s ball when he putts it. Is anyone penalised?
  • Where must I place my marker in relation to the ball when I mark it on the putting green?
  • Can I putt with the flag in?
  • What are the hazards of a golf course?
  • If I swing at the ball and miss does that count as a shot?
  • If playing a nine hole golf course, who has the right of way on the 10th tee if other players are starting?
  • If I hit my ball onto the fairway of another hole what should I do?
Who tees off first?

On the first hole the order is decided by the drawsheet, but in the absence of a draw decide by lot e.g. Toss a coin. Thereafter, whoever wins the previous hole has the honor. If the hole is halved, the order remains the same. You may play your tee shot up to two club lengths back from the tee markers.